Answer the Call

Everyone loves a story. Thats why we go to the movies or read books. Life is made up of stories. Some are good, some are not so good. But what makes a story good? The Nonprofit Technology Network suggests a variation of the same formula one would use in any other form of story telling: intro, struggle, moment of change, etc.  What seems more specific to this type of story telling (the one told by a nonprofit professional in the social media role of writing a blog) is the “call to action.”  While no writer, director, or any other story teller will ever say that it is NOT important to them that people be inspired by their work, it is not as important to them as just making a good story.  The call to action in the case of the nonprofit becomes more important than the story itself – the story is the means to the end and not the end in itself.  The call to action challenges the reader to connect with the story so that the reader can in fact connect with the non profit.  This is an example of one non-profit who really knows how to use the call to action.  A successful manifestation of the call to action is when the reader is inspired to do something tangible like volunteer or donate money.



One thought on “Answer the Call

  1. MIranda – You are getting there and your posts are coming along. It’s important to organize your points in a way the makes it easy for the reader to follow and clear where you are going. It’s like you are laying out a path for the reader to follow. It’s also important to read the references and then spend some time thinking about what you believe about what you have read. The truly unique aspect of blogging is that you add your own contribution to what you have found. That would also help clarify the link between what you were talking about and the video. Just draw the connections more clearly.

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