Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have changed the world. Or at least my mine and everyone else’s I know. We now have access to almost every part of someone’s life. We can find out where they went to school, where they work, what they ate for dinner last night or even how they want to decorate their house– all without even saying a single word to them. We have entered a time where we have the capability to get to know a person without them even knowing we exist. The easiest way to get to know someone is to look at their social media pages. This begs the question: what is communication? Is communication simply ‘liking’ someone’s status on Facebook? Are we actually talking to anyone when we ‘tweet’?

These are only a few of the questions that experts are asking about the change social media is having on communication. Social Media Today noted in a very interesting article called The Effects of Social Media on Communication  that we have even changed the way we communicate such as using LOL in conversations and being more concise when we talk because of Twitter’s text limit. In my opinion, social media has made me able to connect with a lot more people however at the expense of it being in much less meaningful ways.  I am much quicker to comment on someone’s page on their birthday instead of giving them a call. Social media is changing every part of our lives. How has social media changed communication for you?


One thought on “#meaningfulcommunication

  1. Great title. Miranda you were on to something here and I was ready to go with you. You just stop too soon. Don’t be afraid to expand your topic a bit – think about writing a paper and how you can’t just say one thing and it’s enough. You raised some really good points that could have been discussed more. Social media has changed so much more than just our use of LOL. Take it a little further.

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