Why its great to be a Georgia Bulldog.


I bleed red and black. Born and raised a Bulldog fan, my heart leaped after the win over LSU last night. The Bulldogs had another great win in Samford Stadium. The 96,000 fans were louder than ever in their ‘Red Out’, a red wave that spread over the entire stadium. Fans traveled from all over the south to see their boys in silver britches play between the hedges.

I will always remember my first Georgia game. My grandfather took me when I was 7 years old. We left early Saturday morning dawning our Georgia apparel with fried chicken in tow. I will never forget my first time watching the Dawgs score and the crowd going wild. It was a feeling that I’ll never be able to have again.  There is something magical about Georgia Football.  There is something that feels like home.  Growing up in the South,  Football is more like a religion than a sport.  Football is something that unites people just as powerfully as it might divide.  Every time I enter the stadium it is like being on hallowed ground.

Saturdays in the Fall are my favorite time of the year. Athens, Georgia comes to life. Tailgaters arrive around 8 a.m. to drink, socialize and eat to prepare for the upcoming spectacle ahead. Fans walking to the stadium can be heard from miles away as fans yell the anthem “What’s that coming down the track?” Once in the stadium, the Red Coats can be found on the field spelling “G-E-O-R-G-I-A”. The Battle Hymn Trumpet soloist then plays the long held tradition in the Southwest corner of the stadium and chill bumps run down the spines of Dawg fans. As the words of Larry Munson fill the stadium, the fans go silent. Then the two simple words which express the sentiments of the entire bulldog nation are yelled in unison: Go Dawgs. The Red Coats continue into ‘Glory, Glory to ole Georgia’ and the Bulldogs race onto the field .

This is an experience that I long for each year and treasure each and every time. The long held traditions are held sacred by the Bulldog nation and adored. This is why Mark Richt said it best himself after winning at LSU last night, “No one does it better than a Georgia!”


One thought on “Why its great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

  1. Miranda I just can’t believe you couldn’t have found a photo or two to set this one off?? Seriously? And you consider yourself a Georgia Bulldog? What about the hedges? What about the stadium – whatever it’s called? What about fall? What about links?

    Seriously, this is a good post. Just a little spruce up is all I am saying. PS – the photo is a good one.

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