Personal vs. Professional Blogging

Blogging has never been a type of social media that has ever appealed to me. I have always had the idea that blogs were online journals for people who ranted and raved about their life and experiences and wanted the world to hear them whine. But recently I have found, thanks to Pinterest, many different kinds of blogs:

  • food blogs,
  • home decor blogs,
  • exercise blogs,
  • organization blogs, and
  • even blogs about how to build furniture!

Blogs have come a long way and they have started to grow on me. You can now even make money off writing blogs! This blows my mind!

However, these are all types of personal blogs. Professional blogging is a whole new world to me. While I was working at a nonprofit organization last year, they asked me to start using the organization’s blog and to write post as often as I could. Needless to say, I found that as often as I could become not very often. Never, to be exact. The idea of writing in a professional blog scared the heck out of me. I was overwhelmed by the idea of having to figure out what to write about!

After being presented with numerous resources and tips about how to write a professional blog, it doesn’t seem quite as scary. Thanks to Dr. P, my social media professor, I have signed up to receive a newsletter from Kivi Leroux Miller at the Nonprofit Marketing Guide. This website and newsletter offers ideas to inspire content, the heart of blogging. In her recent newsletter she offers a wide variety of ideas, everything from specific events such as World Smile Day, which encourages bloggers to post photos of clients and volunteers smiling and sharing their stories, to metaphors about sports and asks bloggers to relate the metaphor to their organization. These are all ideas I would have never thought to blog about! However, these are all simple yet engaging ways to talk about your organization in different ways. Maybe professional blogging isn’t as scary as I imagined. Perhaps it could even be fun?